M&A Transaction Support

Leadership or Independence Support

The GJC team can provide technical support for mergers, acquisitions or divestitures. We will work with other professionals involved in a transaction to provide select support or a layer of independence, if your primary advisor is conflicted.

Technical Advisory:

  • Technical memos
  • Financial reporting
  • SEC reporting & registration statements
  • SEC preclearance & comment letters
  • Pro forma disclosure
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Financial disclosure
  • Financial restatement
  • New accounting standard implementation
  • Tax provision & ASC 740 disclosures

Comprehensive Opportunity Evaluation

Every potential buyer or seller needs to evaluate a transaction from every aspect. They need to understand their value, measure risk, identify timelines and be prepared to intelligently negotiate. For most buyers or sellers, it might be the first time they have been involved in an acquisition, merger or sale. We serve as your fiduciary, acting in your best interest.

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