Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support

Anti-Fraud & Post Fraud Discovery Support

Fraud can happen anywhere. Small businesses are both disproportionately victimized by fraud and notably under-protected by anti-fraud controls. We can help by installing simple, cost-effective controls, train staff, or create formal management review procedures.

What Do These Numbers Mean?

  • 5. The average percentage of revenue every organization loses to fraud each year.
  • 18. The number of months an average fraud occurs.
  • 31. The percentage of all fraud that occurs in companies with less than 100 employees.
  • 155. The median loss amount is $155,000 for companies with under 100 employees.

Your Fraud & Forensics Services Include:

  • Fraud risk assessments
  • Designing internal control programs
  • Testing internal controls
  • Employee embezzlement discovery & resolution
  • Corporate board investigations
  • Expert witness reports & testimony

Small to Midsize Business Risk is High

Two reasons account for this. First, there are materially weaker internal controls and testing of these controls in smaller businesses, so there is more opportunity. Second, there are a significantly greater number of businesses of this size.

Not Sure How Secure You Are?

With increased use of online banking, electronic ordering, and digital transactions, fraud has a wider base. Fraud has historically been conducted by internal employees with access, but recently external threats have increased fraudulent activity.

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